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Bring a touch of nature to your iPhone or iPod Touch with these beautiful, high resolution photographs, optimised for the retina display, of some of the most colourful flowers and nature scenes in the world.

If you appreciate flowers, or perhaps your girlfriend or wife does, and she has an iPhone, buy this app for her and she can choose a different background every week for her phone. With over 60 vibrant images to choose from, their phone will always remind them of you.

Featuring roses, orchids, fuchsias, rhododendrons, bluebells and more, your phone will look amazing.

Featuring an easy to use interface showing four images at a time, and a larger full screen view, you can find the perfect image and save it to your Photos application within a few taps – next set it as your wallpaper by opening it in Photos and pressing the 1st button on the left at the bottom, or via Settings -> Wallpaper.

No internet or data connection is required once you have downloaded the application, all the pictures are included within the app itself so you change your background whenever you want to!

Coming soon to the AppStore…