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Fan of fighter jets? Then this app is for you. Set your wallpaper on your iPhone or iPod Touch to one of these high resolution, optimised for the retina display, photographs of some of the world’s meanest fighter planes from air forces across the World.


The app also features some of the display teams performing some of their classic aerobatic manoeuvres which will also look great on your iPhone as your lock screen or your home screen wallpaper.

Choose from over 50 hand-picked images that would look great on any iPhone.

Images include:

F-22A Raptor

USAF Thunderbirds

Royal Air Force Red Arrows Hawk

F-4 Phantom

Italian Air Force Frecce Tricolori Aermacchi MB-339

Avro Vulcan

F-117A Nighthawk


and many more…

Featuring an easy to use interface showing four images at a time, and a larger full screen view, you can find the perfect image and save it to your Photos application within a few taps – next set it as your wallpaper by opening it in Photos and pressing the 1st button on the left at the bottom, or via Settings -> Wallpaper.

No internet or data connection is required once you have downloaded the application, all the pictures are included within the app itself so you change your background whenever you want to!